The release of Flexisip 2.4 is approaching!

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Flexisip 2.4 is currently in preparation and will be ready for deployment by the end of May! This update brings several improvements. Here's a preview, including the addition of settings for the following modules:

  • Proxy/NatHelper: Introducing a new strategy to route requests via NAT called "flow-token" (RFC5626).
  • B2BUA Server (Back-to-Back User Agent): Enhancements to the "sip-bridge" mode, now allowing calls from a domain managed by Flexisip to a third-party domain, and vice versa. For more information, see: SIP Bridge.

While waiting for the release of version 2.4, you can check our GitLab.

Stay tuned, the release of Flexisip 2.4 is scheduled for the end of May! You'll discover the various improvements, bug fixes, and added features that make up this update.