New releases of Linphone for iOS and Android and of the Liblinphone SDK

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New release of Liblinphone (4.5)

This new version of our cross-platform VoIP SDK brings various new features:

  • audio conference API improved: distribution of participant list over RFC4575 SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY
  • automatic handling of some mobile OS behaviours: 
    • enterForeground() and enterBackground() automatically called (iOS and Android)
    • auto acquire and release of audio focus for Android
    • Core.iterate() is being called automatically internally for Android, it is no longer needed to create a timer in the application to call it
  • new audio routes API to choose which device to use to capture & play audio (Android & iOS)
  • the application can manage audio route changes (bluetooth, speaker, earpiece) through liblinphone's API
  • added API to play user's ringtone instead of default ringtone for Android
  • added callback to notify a message is about to be sent
  • iOS: added linphone_core_configure_audio_session() to be called when used with Callkit
  • client-based video conference in active speaker switching mode (beta feature)

Other changes and fixes are mentioned in liblinphone change-log file.

Source code is available on our Gitlab, and pre-compiled binaries can be downloaded from our release download directory or retrieved via Maven and Cocoapods.

New release of Linphone for iOS and Android (4.4)

Alongside the new release of Liblinphone (version 4.5), we have recently published new versions of linphone-iOS and linphone-android.
Apart from the enhancements brought by the SDK update, the following new features have been added:

  • users can now check the delivery status of received messages in group conversations
  • upon Linphone account creation, user acceptance is required for Linphone privacy policy and general terms
  • iOS: added option to export shared files to the phone gallery
  • Android: minimum OS version is updated from 21 to 23 (Android 6), due to Liblinphone's audio routes feature

Download Linphone for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or compile from our source code.