The new features of Flexisip 2.3.3 for push notification management

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It is crucial for a mobile unified communication solution to be compatible with Apple and Google's push notification services. This has been the case for the Linphone softphone and Flexisip server for several years. To remain compatible, it is necessary for VoIP and instant messaging software publishers to closely monitor the developments of push systems in operating systems.


The release of Flexisip 2.3.3 introduces several enhancements summarized below:

  • Improved handling of push notifications: You can now choose between HTTP/1 or HTTP/2 protocols when delegating the sending of push notifications to a third-party server. This option enhances performance, as the third-party server can now handle multiple push notification requests in parallel via a single TCP connection.
    Please refer to the external-push-protocol configuration for more information on this (here);
  • Support for the new Firebase API: In June 2023, Google announced the deprecation of the Firebase HTTP v1 API, which will be removed in June 2024 (refer to the following article). Flexisip has implemented support for the new API, ensuring continuity of push notification functionality on Android.


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