Liblinphone 5.0 - the easiest way to bring advanced VoIP & IM features to software applications or hardware products

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Over the past months, our developer team worked hard to ease the work of application developers, by making the task of creating real-time Voice, Video and IM solutions more straightforward. This new 5.0 release of Liblinphone brings major improvements and key features.

Abstraction of platform specificities

The API code has been deeply reworked to help developers make their app code as generic as possible.
The following features have been integrated in the Liblinphone library, and do not need to be handled at the app level anymore:

  • iOS/Android push notifications
  • audio devices management (Bluetooth, speaker, earpiece)
  • background task execution


We have improved the API documentation and switched to language specific documentation tools.
Full API documentation is available for all supported languages:

  • C and C++ (generated by Doxygen) 
  • C# (generated by DocFX)
  • Swift (generated by Jazzy)
  • Java (generated by Javadoc)

Our team of developers also wrote tutorials (code samples), explaining how to set up the Liblinphone SDK in an Android, iOS or desktop project, and how to use it to implement simple VoIP and IM features.
Tutorials are available in Kotlin, Swift and C#, and can be downloaded from our Gitlab.

Easy integration

The Liblinphone SDK can be seamlessly integrated  with mobile platform IDEs, thanks to our Maven repository (see Getting started for Android) and Cocoapods (see Getting started for iOS).
SDK packages are available here and source code is publicly shared on our GitHub and Gitlab instances.

Quality process

In parallel, we are keeping on improving our software development quality process, by adding many non-regression tests in the Liblinphone SDK (now 1400+). Test reports are available here for SDK 5.0.
Continuous integration is guaranteed by our Git flow specification, code review processes, and automated testing and packaging.

Added features

This 5.0 version also brings the following new features:

  • support of Capability Negotiation framework - RFC5939 - limited to media encryption choice (None, SRTP, DTLS-SRTP, ZRTP)
  • new API to manage SIP accounts, and new implementation of LinphoneAccountCreator relying on HTTP REST API
  • added LDAP contact provider API, integrated with the Linphone main search view (desktop platforms ONLY)

For more information about changes brought by this version, please read the Changelog file of the Liblinphone project.

Liblinphone has the advantage of being used in real-life end-user products, the Linphone and Linhome apps, which guarantee that the features set offered by the Liblinphone library is fully used and validated in real conditions, and available for testing and demo purposes.