Goodbye to the old Firebase FCM API

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Attention to Voice over IP application developers for Android: Google has announced the imminent deprecation of the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) API, scheduled for June 2024. If you haven't done so already, it's high time to transition to the new Firebase HTTP v1 API to avoid any service interruptions.

On our end, Flexisip, starting from version 2.3.4, has already implemented support for the new API, ensuring the continuity of functionalities for incoming calls and messages. These pushnotifications are crucial for delivering real-time information directly to Android devices, such as instant messages, status updates, or reminders, even when the application is not actively running.

How to migrate to this new API?

To assist you with this migration, we have prepared a detailed document. You can refer to it here: Migration Guide.

Therefore, we strongly advise migrating to the new Firebase API without delay to ensure that your applications remain performant and to guarantee service continuity for your users.