Flexisip Account Manager is now available in version 1.2 !

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November releases for Flexisip Account Manager - 1.2 -

As a reminder :

Flexisip Account Manager is a great tool that can be used to bring account creation and user authentication functionalities to Linphone- and Liblinphone-based applications.
It includes the following: 

  • FlexiAPI, a REST API for the creation and management of user accounts
  • A web admin platform connected to FlexiAPI
  • A remote provisioning server capable of generating configuration files compatible with Linphone's QR code- or URL-based remote provisioning feature.

If you want to know more, view this link : https://gitlab.linphone.org/BC/public/flexisip-account-manager/-/blob/ma...

What's new for version 1.2?

This is the first release for Flexisip Account Manager. From now on, it is based on FlexiAPI, which is built on Laravel. FlexiAPI is both a REST API and a web interface.
From now on, the following features will be available: 

  • a REST API (FlexiAPI), which can be used to manage accounts, related user account administration features, and provisioning;
  • a web platform that can used by both end-users and administrators of SIP services to manage user accounts
  • the adding of several command line interfaces to ease the maintenance of user account databases (clean-up, import, export, seeding);
  • automatic tests for FlexiAPI
  • the ability to rebuild an existing user account database using Laravel migration scripts.

For more information : https://gitlab.linphone.org/BC/public/flexisip-account-manager/-/blob/ma...