Towards Win32 and UWP convergence

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Currently we have two distincts projects for building Liblinphone on Windows:

The first one is a Win32 port, which is available since many years and supports all versions of the Windows operating system. In this project, our library is callable in C language or in Cpp thanks to a wrapper. The Linphone desktop edition that we are publishing is based on this Win32 port.

In 2016, we released a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) port of Liblinphone, that permits developers to create UWP apps leveraging on Liblinphone through a C# wrapper. Unfortunately, this port only works on Windows 10 as UWP is only available since Windows 10.

Thanks to recent compatibility between Win32 and UWP technologies introduced by Microsoft, UWP apps can now link to a Win32 library. We have decided to unify our two projects, creating a unique Linphone SDK, comprising C, Cpp and C# APIs, suitable to create apps for any version of Windows including UWP app for Windows 10. The expected benefit is to greatly facilitate the integration of Liblinphone engine by Windows developers, C# being the main cornerstone of the Windows platform.

The outcome of this unification work is scheduled for next July.