New release of Linphone 4.1 for iOS and Android

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With our release 4.1 for Android and iOS, Linphone offers the following new features :

  • end-to-end encryption for 1-to-1 and group instant messaging (with Linphone Instant Messaging Encryption Library)
  • video H.265 codec support, based on Android MediaCodec and iOS VideoToolbox
  • button to invite contacts to use Linphone by sending them a SMS
  • possibility to record calls (audio only), and replay them from the "Recordings" menu
  • remote provisioning from a QR-code providing the http(s) url of a provisioning server
  • enhanced call and IM notifications, so that it is possible to answer, decline, reply to or mark as read directly from the notification
  • setting to request attachments to be automatically downloaded, unconditionally or based on their size
  • possibility to send multiple attachments (images, documents, videos etc.) at the same time

> Read the complete list of added and changed features and fixed issues on Linphone-iOS and Linphone-android projects on GitLab.
> Download for free the latest version of Linphone 4.1 from Google Play Store and the App Store.